The incidence of bacterial diseases is very common in aquaculture. Prevention of pathogenic gut micro flora is very important and NUTRACID PLUS is the best alternative for the antibiotic replacement in during culture period, which is a blend of organic acids & amino acids. The benefit of NUTRACID PLUS is that it will completely control the pathogenic bacterial population in the gut of the aquatic culture species and in addition it will enhance the growth also due to the amino acids. There is a guaranteed acidity of 89% in NUTRACID PLUS which can be applied directly thorough the feed as a top dressing. NUTRACID PLUS will completely control the white gut & the white fecal matter as well helps in improving the growth. The dosage of NUTRACID PLUS is a 5-10 Ml/Kg feed in two meals as regular application and during challenging conditions 10- 20 Ml/Kg feed in two meals.