Arti Rich

Astaxanthin Enriched
Arti Rich is a specially designed feed supplements for shrimp to enhance disease resistance and improve survival rate in


GROCID is a combination of propionic acid, Formin acid (Organic acids) and Methionine (Amino acid) with an acidifying activity of 91%.

  • 1st Week of stocking 20-30 gm*/kg feed in all feeds
  • 2nd Week: 20-30 gm/ kg feed once daily.
  • 15 to 45 days 15-20 gm/kg feed once daily.
  • 45 to till harvest: 15 gm/kg feed once daily.
  • improves survival rate of shrimp seed in the pond
  • Improves feed intake
  • Astaxanthin acts as a very powerful anti – oxydent and helps.In fighting against stress and diseases. Gives good pigmentation to the shrimp.
  • Helps in good moulding and growth in shrimp.
  • Helps in preventing loose shell and soft shell in shrimp.
  • Helps in prevention of white gut/white faecal matter incidences.
  • Consult aqua culture technician or customer care if required
  • Use in two feeds when the surrounding conditions are not favourable
  • Continuous usage of the product gives good result.

The product can be stored in room temperature under shade.Place the cap tightly after drawing the required.

*Make the feed little wet and apply the Arti Rich gel thoroughly All over the feed and dry for 10-15 min before broadcasting In to the period.