About Us


After serving more than 20 years in the Aquaculture and Animal feeds as well in farming industry, we started this company in 2014 by the name M/s Blue Marine Technologies which is having a good reputation in National and International operations. We are pioneers in supplying a comprehensive range of specialty products catering to the varied demands of aquaculture, poultry & cattle segments.

As we have vast experience in Aquaculture, Poultry and cattle we carefully design our products and blended with suitable components for specific purposes. We get our products manufactured with assured quality before marketing them. We have very specific and unique products like Redact-P and Aqua SUPERTAB, NUTRACID+ having registered with the Trademarks. These products compete with international standards and norms and are offered to our clients in several packages and specifications.

Our products have been developed scientifically with utmost care for the aquaculture and animal health care industries. When we develop our products, particular focus was placed on the efficacy against their particular target and cost effectiveness, to give the user ultimate results and confidence